MILLI - Boosting Sales Competencies Among Youth


European industry can be successful only in fields where high added value is possible. A good product or service is not enough as such, also commercialization and sales skills are needed.


The Global Sales Science Institute GSSI made a comprehensive global survey on sales competencies and Europe was regrettably behind its main competitors, with USA and India on the top. At the same time - according to the Finnish SME Barometer - the most urgent need for development in SMEs is in the fields of sales and marketing.


In addition to know-how, it is also a matter of attitudes. Research results show that sales skills are understood in a very restricted way in Europe, and they cannot be seen as an essential competence to facilitate employment opportunities.


The "MILLI - Boosting Sales Competencies Among Youth" project will create an innovative forum for different interest groups from various levels of education, authorities and business life. The aim of the forum is to increase the understanding, skills and appreciation of sales.


The project will exploit the verifiably most efficient learning methods. These methods strongly activate students from different levels of education, and increase their key skills in sales and active citizenship in a wide perspective. On individual level, the project will enhance their employment opportunities.


On societal level, the project is apt to enhance intelligent and sustainable economic growth, which is a central goal in EU strategies. The project will use the concept of Learning by Teaching, which is economically a very valuable tool to diversify curricula in a situation where the European economic crisis seriously threatens investments in education. Increased sales skills will also directly benefit the companies, and their improved competitiveness will in its turn lead to better employment rates.

Project is coordinated by Turku University of Applied Sciences. Project partners include Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium, the City of Turku and the City of Kaarina.


The project creates a sustainable action model in the target area. It will also be documented in such a way that it can be disseminated all over Finland and also around European Union.


Job Description was made by Harri Lappalainen, Taru Konst. Thanks for them we have this theme underway.















  #Tehdas. photo Jussi Liikkanen TUAS